Comments on the Campus and Community Open House #1

The CMP team has recently completed our analysis and initial consultation components of the study. On May 23, 2013 we hosted an open house for the campus and community at the Stauffer Library.

This is the place to post any and all comments on the information presented at the event. You can download all the information materials here (right click and hit “save as”).

So… tell us in the comments section below, what do you think about the direction we’re heading? Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Anything we’ve missed? Leave any and all comments below!

If you prefer to contact us with comments or questions privately, please contact:

Anthony Greenberg
Planner, Urban Strategies
416 340 9004 x. 230

…you can view the Queen’s project team and contact info here.


4 Responses to Comments on the Campus and Community Open House #1

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  3. qfan says:

    There are so many good ideas within these preliminary plans. I’m particularly fond of the idea of creating a plaza at West Campus. I would humbly submit that replacing the asphalt in that particular stretch with paving (as has been done with university avenue) would further cement the sense of place.

    Having recently visited Western and seeing prospective students clambering for photo-ops at their famous richmond gates I yearn also for more boundary and place-marking elements on campus. A re-purposed John A. Avenue would go a long way to raising w. campus’ profile.

    • qucampusplan says:

      Thanks, Qfan! We’re glad you like the direction we’re heading. Be sure to check back here in the fall as we present the final work.

      As for boundary and gateway elements, this is a topic we’ve been discussing in our study so far. The idea of John A. McDonald as a ceremonial entry avenue is something we’re exploring, and something Queen’s is keen to work with the City on.

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