Leave your comments on the Campus & Community Open House #2 Materials!

The CMP team is excited to be sharing our draft Master Plan content this afternoon from 2 – 6 in the Biosciences Complex Atrium. We hope you can come by and let us know what you think about where the plan is headed and how we’ve incorporated your directions and feedback from throughout the study process. 

If you can’t make the event this afternoon… not to worry. You can access all the open house information panels on the Queen’s CMP page here and you can leave your comments on the discussion thread here. The thread will be left up until the project completion and we’ll be reading all your comments as we finalize the document. 

We’re all looking forward to hearing your thoughts. 

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One Response to Leave your comments on the Campus & Community Open House #2 Materials!

  1. '10Alum says:

    I am blown away by the proposal put forward, and amazed really at the sheer number of ingenious solutions it contains. I dearly hope the bulk of the recommendations are followed.

    My one concern would be that the university envisioned seems much larger – the number of buildings proposed for the west campus alone is staggering – than the one that exists, keeping in mind that the school’s small size amongst its research-intensive peers has always been one of its defining characteristics. Then again, I have no qualms if the growth comes about reasonably and brings to fruition some of many decadent proposals outlined in this plan.

    Great job all. I’m a big fan.

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