Discussion Threads

Plan Your Campus: Information Exchange Questions

How can we improve your teaching, learning or research spaces? What do you need more of? What do you need less of?

What would make West Campus a destination?

What kinds of places on campus do you value most?

What places on campus have the most potential for improvement?

What attracted you to Queen’s?

What would make it appealing to live farther away from campus?

What would make it easier and safer to move around campus?

Any other thoughts? Leave any general thoughts, suggestions, or concerns here.


Visit the Library and Archives Master Plan website to answer the following questions:

What benefits or constraints can you imagine in a joint expanded facility for archival and special collections? What opportunities do you see for enhanced access, conservation, display and technology?

What exciting uses, services or partnerships would you like to see in the transformed spaces of the Library and Archives system?


3 Responses to Discussion Threads

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  2. Alicia says:

    I would love an Outdoor Classroom on West Campus! I think that outdoor classrooms are extremely important and valuable to the educational experience. Since I am in ATEP, I know that we could use an outdoor classroom for some of our lectures. Im sure that outdoor education would agree as well. Simply, students learn better in nature and I think that it is only best that Queen’s pave the way of change and incorporate a super cool outdoor classroom.

  3. Megan McMillan says:

    If Queen’s University is going to continue to be an innovative, leading university in education we need to incorporate outdoor and experiential play into our teaching. An outdoor classroom gives us the space to explore ways we can incorporate this type of learning into all curriculum and engage our students. Time and time again research shows that developing a relationship with the environment and spending quality time outside of the classroom fosters incredible growth. This type of teaching needs to be encouraged at the Faculty, not just for OEE and ATEP students, but for all.

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