About the Blog

This is the official project blog of the Queen’s University Campus Master Plan. Its purpose is to act as a companion to the Official Campus Master Plan website, which will comprise news and information about the project, such as public events, images and illustrations, the consultant team, project schedule, copies of PowerPoint presentations, panels, etc. – a living library of the process and the materials produced as we work.

This blog’s role is to create a hub for soliciting feedback and generating discussion about the project. We hope that you follow this, and our other social media websites (twitter/facebook) to stay connected throughout the project and help plan your campus! You can subscribe to the blog by entering your e-mail in the forum located on the website sidebar.

The Blog Moderator

The project blog will be moderated by me, Anthony Greenberg, a planner with Urban Strategies and the planner/project manager for the CMP study. I am a native Winnipegger, but have called Toronto home for about 8 years. I have been working as a planner with Urban Strategies since 2011, where I have worked on a number of different planning projects at many different scales and in many different types of communities – everywhere from Pickering, Ontario to Buffalo, New York (you can view my CV here). I have a specific interest in cultural landscapes, the relationship between urban design and sustainability, and neighbourhood revitalization in older cities. Driving my work is the desire to develop strategies and plans that allow individual communities, institutions, and places to evolve over time in an organic, place-specific, and equitable manner.

You can contact me by leaving a comment anywhere on this WordPress site or by e-mailing me at agreenberg@urbanstrategies.com. You can also follow me on twitter @OrdinaryCity.



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