What would make it easier and safer to move around campus?

Provide your answer in the comments section. Feel free to post photos or links to elaborate on your thoughts and leave your e-mail address if you’d like a private response! See other discussions  here.

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6 Responses to What would make it easier and safer to move around campus?

  1. Kenn Doerksen says:

    Should I respond 8 times since I received 8 identical copies of this e-mail? Perhaps something you could look into?

    • qucampusplan says:

      Sorry about that Kenn – as a subscriber you’ll get an e-mail with every post we make. We just happened to make eight posts in a row. Hope this wont deter you from sharing your thoughts about the campus. – CMP team

  2. Kahla says:

    Please, please put some cross walks in! I saw a girl get hit by a taxi on campus last semester trying to cross the road. Students and faculty have too many things to think about let alone dodging vehicles why trying to get to class on time.

    • qucampusplan says:

      Kahla, you are certainly not the first we’ve heard this from. I agree safer crossings need to be considered and they will be recommended. We’re on it! – Anthony

  3. Olivia says:

    I’d like to second Kalha’s suggestion. I can’t believe there aren’t more accidents between taxis, busses, cyclist, skate and long boarders, cars, trucks and pedestrians. Some places where I think they are most needed: between Tindall Field and Goodes (so many first year students coming from residence and there are bus stops and delivery trucks often parked which obstruct the view), Division and Union, across from Ban Righ on University St, and most particularly between the entrance of the ARC and Stauffer (that place is mess with the taxis!).

  4. Brendan says:

    I’ve always thought a stop sign in front of the ARC’s north entrance (Aberdeen and Earl) would make that area safer, or at least putting speed bumps on Earl between Division and University to slow traffic down.

    Also, given that most of the school year takes place in winter, more emphasis needs to be placed on keeping campus pedestrian friendly when snow accumulates. This hasn’t been a huge issue for me in the past but if we’re splitting hairs then this would probably be a good place to start – wider sidewalks for ploughing, quicker response time to snowfall, and clear spaces to cross the street.

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