What would make it appealing to live farther away from campus?

Provide your answer in the comments section. Feel free to post photos or links to elaborate on your thoughts and leave your e-mail address if you’d like a private response! See other discussions  here.

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7 Responses to What would make it appealing to live farther away from campus?

  1. Olivia says:

    For five years, in classic Queen’s student fashion I have lived within 8 mins of my classes. In the past months, I have been house-hunting for a place to call home for my final two years in Kingston. This has given me the opportunity to contemplate what is most important to me when it comes to housing as well as compare what is available to me to what my friends are experiencing in other cities.

    Though I wish it were otherwise, I simply did not consider (or, more accurately, felt I could not consider) living arrangements that weren’t east of Division and south of Queen and more than a 15 min walk from campus, for several reasons. First, as a graduate student, I’m no longer satisfied living in the the student ghetto. I’m tired of worrying if my neighbours will be having a kegger and being routinely disgusted by people’s lawns on my way to school. Second, I think the transportation system in Kingston is too infrequent and unreliable to be relied on to get me to school. It’s unpractical (but to be fair not impossible) for getting to and from school, but not useful at all for going out downtown in the evenings. I like being close to my friends so I can be open to impromptu drink on a Wednesday night. This ensures that anywhere not walking distance to the school or lower-Princess street is not an option, even if I did have a car.

    To answer the question directly, for me to live further away from school:
    – the Kingston transportation system would have be accessible, practical, run more frequently and later at night
    – the rent would have be much less expensive than options downtown (let’s say, $450-500 per person for something better than ghetto-quality)
    – it would have to walking distance to groceries

    • Olivia says:

      I’ll also add better meal options on campus (if I were spending all day, from 8:30AM to 11PM on campus – not unrealistic in undergrad – I’d like to see better and more options for food. Standing in line for 20 minutes at Tim’s 3 times a day gets old fast.)

    • qucampusplan says:

      Hi Olivia,

      Thanks so much for your answer to the question. You’ve provided a lot of interesting insight about what people look for when they’re making the decision of where to live near Queen’s — as well as some interesting points about the “evolution” of a Queen’s students wants and need.

      We hear you regarding transportation, proximity to grocery stores and other services, and affordability. We’ll consider all these points moving forward as we answer some broader questions about the future of student housing.

      Anthony, CMP Team

  2. Allie23 says:

    To be frank one of the reasons I picked queens was because of the ability to be close to downtown and campus unlike Western or Mac. And not to sound pretentious but I really dislike taking the bus, anywhere so moving away is just not an option. To be fair I am always surprised at how few quality mid-rise spaces are around. Perhaps increased density around downtown would do the trick – maybe build some condos just north of princess? Put a starbucks at the base and you’ve got a winner 🙂

    • qucampusplan says:

      Thanks for the insight Allie. The location of Main Campus close to downtown is definitely a campus asset we recognize! Have you checked out the City’s Williamsville Main Street Study? Lots of recommendations for mid-rise along Princess Street.

  3. Kahla says:

    Better busing is a must! I have heard from my friends that trying to get anywhere in the evening is terrible and I always have people say to me “I have to leave early to catch my bus, the next one doesn’t come for an hour”. Personally, I walk or ride my bike (as so many do!). Bike lanes would provide safety for this population.

    • qucampusplan says:

      Thanks, Kahla. As part of the CMP, we’re looking at a number of different active transportation opportunities — including better cycling infrastructure.

      As for bus routes, we’re engaging with Kingston Transit throughout this process, so will speak with them further about bus frequency on routes to campus. Are there any particular routes you think can be improved? Or is this a general statement about frequency of buses in general? – Anthony

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