What places on campus have the most potential for improvement?

Provide your answer in the comments section. Feel free to post photos or links to elaborate on your thoughts and leave your e-mail address if you’d like a private response! See other discussions  here.

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16 Responses to What places on campus have the most potential for improvement?

  1. David Hart says:

    The old women’s prison out by West Campus has a lot of potential…I know that it requires a lot of money (to maintain historical aspects). It is an area that could provide living for students and also area for athletic activities.

  2. Allie23 says:

    I think the old prison’s a gorgeous building and that the stigma will wear off over time. Have you seen what they’ve done in Toronto with the old Don?!?

    • qucampusplan says:

      Hey Allie, great precedent. Urban Strategies was part of the team that planned the new Bridgepoint Health Centre and re-use of the Don Jail! We’ll be sure to share to keep this in mind when moving forward with ideas about the Prison for Women’s site.

  3. Kahla says:

    I have had some classes in the laboratories made into classrooms on the upper level of Botterell Hall. I don’t know what the rest of the upper levels in this building are like but these make shift classrooms are not conducive to learning (I heard some of the office spaces have had to battle with bats?). These classrooms could definitely use a face lift.

  4. Heather B says:

    In the big picture we have a beautiful campus, second to none – BUT general cleanliness of public spaces (interior and exterior) could be improved. There is a lot of litter on campus – simple thing, but maybe we just need more garbage and recycling containers everywhere. Stairways in buildings are often dirty and neglected and the Tindall Field parkade stairs often have lots of garbage and vomit left uncleared for days. A Facility Services clean up Hot Line line would be helpful to report problem areas requiring attention.

    • qucampusplan says:

      Interesting suggestion, Heather B. This sort of ongoing maintenance is beyond the purview of the CMP, but i’ll be sure the University Project Team gets this message and passes on the suggestion to the appropriate party in administration.

  5. oncampus1 says:

    What is being planned for the corner of Division and Union (currently a parking lot)? This location has excellent visibility and tons of student traffic.. I would love to see some treed green space with sitting areas there; new building also.

  6. Nathan says:

    I think there would be benefit to developing a plan for redevelopment of the outdoor court yard at the intersection of Watson, Jeffery, AEAC, Harrsion-LeCaine and MacCorry South. It is currently a large paved space that has a very large amount of foot traffic. It could benefit from planter boxes, grass & tree planting, landscaping, and defined cobblestone paths to make it fit into look and feel of the rest of campus and the surrounding buildings. It feels like you are walking through an empty rear building parking lot currently.

  7. Secure bike storage areas would be a huge welcome addition to the campus. If I recall correctly, KGH has 3 areas (one that I regularly walk by). All that is needed is a tall fence and lock (electronic key is ideal).

    Bike theft is far too common around here at all times of the year.

    Best case I think would be the electronic access badge indoors some place, perhaps a storage closet or area which could be re-purposed for this.

    I think we could have a storage area at major areas, perhaps some or all of Mac-Corry, the Biosciences Bldg, Queen’s Centre, and West Campus.

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