What attracted you to Queen’s?

Provide your answer in the comments section. Feel free to post photos or links to elaborate on your thoughts and leave your e-mail address if you’d like a private response! See other discussions  here.

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3 Responses to What attracted you to Queen’s?

  1. Per says:

    I’d have to say Kingston’s place in Canadian history as the first capital of the Province of Canada, the connection with the Rideau Canal (Fort Henry and Martello towers) and the limestone that characterizes the Limestone City. Queen’s U, having been established in 1841, has a wonderful connection to the creation of Canada via Kingston and Sir John A. The great downtown area and how the campus is integrated into the City makes it a great campus that I very much enjoy. Its much better than the ring road type of campus that I remember from my undergrad days at U of Waterloo. Stauffer library is amazing!

  2. qucampusplan says:

    Very interesting, Per. I agree that Kingston’s history is a huge asset and part of its appeal — and Queen’s plays a huge role. We have a good understanding of how Queen’s is a world unto itself but must integrate and contribute to the city-at-large — this will be a key focus of the CMP.

  3. kenzierenee says:

    I chose Queen’s because it has a great reputation, a stunning campus, and fantastic libraries. I wanted to go to a big school with a lot of spirit and dedication to quality education. I wouldn’t feel at home anywhere else.

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