What kinds of places on campus do you value most?

Provide your answer in the comments section. Feel free to post photos or links to elaborate on your thoughts and leave your e-mail address if you’d like a private response! See other discussions  here.

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9 Responses to What kinds of places on campus do you value most?

  1. David Hart says:

    More places to play. ARC is good, but outdoor places too. Need better tennis courts. Maybe concrete ping pong tables…handball wall anyone? Outdoor basketball. Even places to play croquet or who knows…even a hopscotch court. I know that it sounds goofy…but activitity is a great thing!

    • qucampusplan says:

      Interesting ideas, David. Collegiate sports are definitely changing, and it makes sense to consider both formal and informal spaces for all sorts of activity. These sorts of outdoor spaces can also really contribute to a lively, public realm. Thanks for the input. – Anthony

  2. Allie23 says:

    In the winter – warm, cozy spaces to catch-up with friends + do some readings. In the summer – well planned green spaces to play some sports or just lie around. Also, study rooms. Can never go wrong with more study rooms though that might just be because I’m in eng.

  3. FoodieGal says:

    How about some good spaces for teaching and learning health related skills? There is a lot of talk about mental health which is amazing – how about looking at the preventative side and adding in spaces that support learning and practicing skills that help promote positive mental health – like more physical activity space for unique activities (as David said above), and a well-equiped place where student groups, health promotion services and others can teach healthy cooking.

  4. Per says:

    As a grad student, I really value my grad student shared office space. I realize money/budgets is always an issue but anything that can give office spaces in future buildings/retrofits a little more life (as opposed to being just utilitarian) in terms of good design would be great for future students.

  5. qucampusplan says:

    Thanks for your thoughts, Per.

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