Missed the lecture?

Watch the video of Joe Berridge’s public lecture on Tuesday, Jan. 29 here.
We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section!
Video Part 1
Video Part 2

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2 Responses to Missed the lecture?

  1. Alum says:

    Mr. Berridge’s intimacy with the university’s strengths and weaknesses was astounding. Indeed, the whole thing has left me quite excited to see it all play out. Berridge doesn’t go so far as to say it but I’d think many would agree that Queen’s – and even more, Kingston – has always seemed to only begrudgingly tolerate most forms of growth and change instead of seeking out their potential. I think we all understand that the university draws on few key historical pillars – the buildings, the culture, the high expectations – but as Berridge correctly asserts, all these factors can be maintained, perhaps even strengthened, in the face of managed change. To sum, I think Queen’s has been a great deal of mistakes (west campus, the ghetto), Kingston even more (sprawl, Princess St.) but there’s still so much going for both town and university and Berridge may be the man to make most realize it. Thanks; you’ve made an alumni proud.

  2. Joe Berridge says:

    Glad you liked the talk. Hope we can live up to your expectations. Joe Berridge

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